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We’d like to hear what you have to say on a variety of key educational issues; share new resource sites, ideas and thoughts here in the ‘Your Voice’ discussion forum……

8 responses to “Your Voice

  1. Should teachers be encouraged to use social media to enhance learning opportunities for students and do schools have clear enough e-safety policies to ensure staff are protected from child protection allegations?
    What are your thoughts???

  2. If you could only recommend ONE website which you find useful as a teacher – which one would it be and what makes it so good?

  3. Great literature will always be relevant ~Is it really so ridiculous for Michael Gove to suggest that classic British literature be at the heart of school life?
    Read the full article:

    Which great British classic do you think should be included in schools?

  4. What do I need to know about the new Facebook groups?
    Facebook has introduced a new feature called ‘facebook groups’ ~ Have you had a look yet, what do you think?
    Read the full article:

  5. National Teaching Awards – tonight in London, Emma Thompson & Michael Gove recognised the efforts of many outstanding staff based in primary and secondary schools across the country. Do you think these national awards are a good idea, where staff can be recognised for their contributions to education?
    Read the full article:

  6. Graffiti ~ art or visual pollution? What’s YOUR view?

    Personally, I have been involved in many graffiti art projects both on school sites and within local communities where the student’s work has made a positive impact I believe that talent should be harnessed
    and put to good use.

  7. A graduate trainee’s verdict on the National skills academy for social care

    A new trainee scheme is helping graduates gain the skills needed to build their careers in the independent social-care sector
    Read the full article here:

    The social care sector often receives bad press – jobs are seen as involving long hours and poorly paid, so surely any projects which improve recruition rates to the (admitedly independent) sector is a good thing? What are your thoughts???

  8. End of the level playing fields: Privately educated Michael Gove is scrapping a hugely successful strategy which transformed PE uptake in state schools

    Read the full article here:

    “… almost every state school pupil takes part in at least two hours’ PE a week. Competitive sport, at the core of the strategy, was reinvigorated, with the co-ordinators organising events. Within schools, 78% of children took part in competitive sport last year, up 13% from 2008-09, and 39% did so regularly – a huge increase on the previous year.”

    At a time when society is being encouraged to take up more exercise in a bid to reduce obesity levels in children – how will the demise of the School Sports Partnerships help children establish healthy lifestyles?

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