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How can Social Media be used to enhance ‘Teaching & Learning’?

“Social Media in Education – Getting the Most Out Of Students” Many people have recently written about how social media have gradually taken over our everyday life.  Today, you cannot go very far without using some type of social medium … Continue reading

What’s your view on……..

Social Media Poll – what are your views?

Dropbox: an online storage facility where you can store ‘your stuff’ (i.e. lesson plans, teaching resources, etc) and instead of putting everything onto a USB stick to use at work – just log on to your dropbox account and ‘hey presto’ you can access all of your resources from any computer! How easy is that, not to mention pretty convenient (especially if like me you occasionally lose your USB!!). Here’s two videos which explain the benefits of Dropbox and how to get started….

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox… How does it work?

What makes a good blog?… at AnswerGarden.ch.

Using different websites to encourage participation in key topics is extremely important but how can it be done in such a way that people want to contribute? ANSWERGARDEN is one way where you “plant a question and let it grow”….

Answer Garden Question

Another great website which is easy to use is Wordle, where you can copy paste into a text box and it will create a word cloud for you which is a great starter or plenary activity if used to stimulate discussions. There’s also Tag Cloud and many others which I’ll show you over the next few weeks.

In true ‘Blue Peter’ style – here’s one I did earlier:

A 'Tweet' Cloud