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Twitter – the people’s voice?

“How Twitter has become the people’s voice on the eve of its fifth birthday.

Twitter is five next month. There are now 190 million people using the micro-blogging website, sending 65 million messages of 140 characters or fewer around the world each day. Knockers may still dismiss the service as silly but Twitter – or some form of it – looks set to be with us for some time to come. For its legion of fans Twitter is part of a social media revolution that is reordering the way the world communicates, shaking up politics, business and social life and even, some argue, fuelling and co-ordinating historic upheavals from Iran and Tunisia to Egypt. The revolution will be twitterised.

Last week the Californian business received another, more concrete, recognition of its status. Google and Facebook are reportedly courting Twitter. The price tag for this still loss-making venture is put at $10bn (£6.24bn). Just two months ago Twitter was valued at $3.7bn after raising $200m in new financing. In the meantime investors have gone mad for all things social media and Twitter has become one of the hottest properties on the block.”

To read the article by Dominic Rushe in full click here

Our View

I have been tweeting since February last year and I have got to say initially I was sceptical about how Twitter would impact on my life both personally and professionally. I have to confess that I have been pleasantly surprised…. I have contacted with nearly 400 people who have contributed to my PLN (Personal Learning Network) & professional development at some point over the last year. I have been informed about new products, resources and ideas which have all impacted on my ability to do my job professionally. I have also shared ideas, experiences and asked for help on a number of issues, as well as contributing to discussions and providing a ‘sounding board’ where possible.I have been constantly surprised about how willing people have been to volunteer support, answers and suggestions to me, a complete stranger.

I believe that this is why Twitter has been so successful – you can ‘dip in and out’ to the constant flow of ideas and no-one is upset if you choose not to ‘follow’ someone for a while. The use of #tags is important as it gives you the opportunity to follow tweets on a specific topic / product. Whilst other social network sites also offer great networking opportunities, they just don’t measure up to Twitter for me. If you’re not on Twitter – then why not? There are a host of free packs on how to get started on Twitter by companies such as @smarta, @CreativeEdu and others if you’re unsure where to begin.

If you have been tweeting let us know your thoughts below using the comments box – we look forward to hearing from you.


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Comments from delegates at the recent ‘New Technologies’ workshops run in partnership with Education Resourcing:
“Very pleased with this training. Thank You”
“Thank you Sharon. This was a great session with quite a lot of information and new skills to explore.”
“I will aim to promote Twitter and Wiki as learning tools. Thank you for the web links too”
“With your wealth of knowledge and experience I hope we have a follow up lesson”
“Thank you Education Resourcing for this great opportunity. I was happy to meet up with fellow colleagues”
“Another high quality session with great relevance to my needs as a supply teacher”
“A follow up session would be very welcome in a couple of months so we can share questions, comments once we’ve had chance to “play” with the materials”
“Really enjoyed session – lots to think about and have a go at. Very useful”
“Hope you do another session to take us forward”
“Before I came to this presentation I thought that social networking sites were used for trivial reasons, but now I can see that they can be useful professionally”


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