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20 May 2011

” Superinjunctions granted far too readily, judges say

• Committee findings say injunctions should be very limited
• Reports of parliamentary breaches of orders may be contempt
• Lord chief justice warns of clampdown on internet revelations”

Read the full article by Owen Bowcott here

Do you agree? Are they too readily available to those with financial means or should they be available to anyone? Share your thoughts with us.

18 February 2011

“Allow extremist speech in universities, report advises Islamic group welcomes vice-chancellors’ call for campuses to be places where controversial views are confronted.

University vice-chancellors should reject demands to ban controversial speakers and “engage, not marginalise” extreme political views on campus, a report from a working group on academic freedom says.

Universities need to ensure meetings of student societies are open to all, the report says, adding: “Unless views can be expressed they cannot also be challenged”.

“By being places where ideas and beliefs can be tested without fear of control” universities act as a safeguard against ideologies that threaten Britain’s open society.”

Read the full article by Jeevan Vasagar here

What are your thoughts?

4 responses to “News….

  1. Read the Guardian article “Open letter to George Osborne: Why it’s vital to protect science funding” ~ it’s generated 120+ tweets and facebook shares in the last few days.

  2. What would you spend £113 million on if you were the new Euro~Millions winner?
    Here’s some suggestions in case you get stuck, after all there’s only so many shoes, handbags and holidays a person can have surely?

  3. No 10 hits out at lecturers who praised student protests at Tory HQ

    Goldsmiths College’s University and College Union congratulated staff and students who took part and said ‘real violence’ was the destructive impact of the government’s cuts

    Read the full article here:

    Without the ‘violence’ would the student protest have received the amount of publicity it did? In the days following the protests, nearly every newspaper and news programme led with the student protests and daily shows had students on discussion panels; giving students the opportunity to voice their reactions to the cuts in funding. Unfortunately (and I don’t condone the violence) the violence has raised the profile of the funding cuts and the potential impacts.

  4. Unfortunately I have to agree with you that the violent outbursts that occurred during the student protest did indeed lead to more media coverage. Surely this is the wrong message to send to protesters especially as they only have the right to protest peacefully.

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