Education Apps


Apps in Education – This we recommend as your ‘first port of call’ when first starting out with your iPad. The site is easy to navigate and provides information about apps suitable for a range of subject areas. The apps descriptions seem to be updated regularly and also include the price (in $) for each app.

Cybraryman Internet Catalogue – This is an internet catalogue collated by Cybrary Man and he personally selects the many links included . This catalogue covers recommended apps as well as help guides about using iPads.

Geek Dad – An article about ‘The iPad as a Tool for Children’s Creativity’ which highlights some recommended story telling iPad apps. (via @ddonahoo)

bloomsapps – an infographic highlighting relevant apps using Blooms Taxonomy, to assist educators to choose relevant apps for the classroom. The site is supposed to be updated regularly and you are encouraged to share any apps you use which are not already on the list! (via @marynabadenhors)

62 Interesting Ways to use iPad in the Classroom – another great collaborative resource, started by Tom Barrett (@tombarrett) where lots of educators have provided specific examples of how their chosen app can be used in the classroom. As with all of these collaborative documents, the twitter IDs of those contributing are also included, so you can follow them if you like what they say.

@Ideas_Factory – descriptions of writing tool apps, complete with images, detailed explanations, step-by-step instructions and suggested uses.

iPads for Learning Interactive Guide – an interactive guide on using iPads to enhance learning in the classroom (via @kylepace)

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