About Us

“growth through knowledge”


Phoenix Education Solutions offers education services and consultancy to secondary and higher education organisations in both the public and private sectors. 

“Our passion is ensuring that all learners succeed regardless of ability through the sharing of the benefits of good education management.”

We offer a range of services delivered on either a ‘project by project’ or retained basis, working on either a specific project or assisting the senior leadership team in schools to improve in a number of areas over a period of time. We have worked with organisations facing challenging circumstances and have successfully delivered on many projects, such as:

  • Management of specific projects within the wider education community to promote community cohesion. Examples include: establishing an adult education curriculum at a specialist college to meet community cohesion targets, developing an ‘off site’ hair and beauty training salon for student and adult learners in the local community.
  • Providing support for under-performing departments which included developing schemes of work, lesson plans, using assessment data to target specific student cohorts for intervention programmes and establishing banks of Assessment for Learning (AfL) strategies with staff.
  • Providing a quality assurance service, where assignments can be verified for staff before use with the students and the service also includes ‘on-site visits’, where the moderation of student assignments is completed before the start of the external moderation process by the exam boards.
  • Creating bespoke training programmes, designed to enable supply teachers to maintain the levels of development required of them should they apply for a contract or permanent post at a later date.

One response to “About Us

  1. Comments made by delegates attending the recent workshops run in partnership with Phoenix Education Solutions and Education Resourcing:

    “As expected, I have found today’s training massively helpful. SEN in particular is one area where I was not too clued up. Instincts would alert me to a need, but today you have shown me how to deal with that need. A big thank you as it will help me progress”
    “This training was more relevant / delivered better than the Child Protection training I had on my PGCE!”
    “Thank you for a productive and very interesting training day”
    “Thank you for over-running so much so you could meet our needs rather than clock watch. Even better value for money”

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