Children still delight in playground games

Two-year research project shows youngsters incorporate computer games and TV shows into breaktime activities.

Traditional games such as tag and the evergreen – and often scatological – Ipi–dipi-dation are still popular but children are also incorporating cultural figures including Beyoncé and Simon Cowell into their play.

After spending more than two years watching children play, researchers from the universities of London, East London and Sheffield concluded that popular media are informing, rather than destroying, playground life.”  ~ read the full article by Sam Jones here.

Our View

What were your favourite playground games? I used to love ‘British Bulldog’ despite the ‘rough & tumble’ that usually ended in a few bruises and was a master of ‘French skipping and Double skipping’ ! A quick canvas of the office has revealed other favourites such as hop scotch, tig, football and marbles. Please share your playground favourites using the ‘comments’ box below ~ we look forward to hearing from you.


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