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Is academy status being foisted on schools?

“Parents in Lincolnshire fear that their local schools are being railroaded into applying for academy status by a service provider

It makes an unlikely setting for a passionate outburst of frustration at the “big society”, the alleged privatisation of state education and claims of a deficit in democratic accountability. But the front room of a terraced house in Louth, Lincolnshire, seems central to that argument now, as members of a “Save our Schools” group discuss proposals – some of them not yet public – that raise the possibility of the bulk of the county’s schools leaving the local authority to become academies.

The four members of the group discussing the plans, who are all parents with children aged between three and 14, are incensed about the possibility of this happening at both primary and secondary level. It is the primary element that seems the more intensely contentious.”

Read the article by Warwick Mansell  in full here

Our View

The term ‘Academy’ appears to have recently changed under Mr Gove, previously it was schools deemed to be ‘failing’ that converted to academy status in  order to tackle the issues within the school. In 2010, ‘outstanding’ secondary schools were initially invited to apply for academy status, this invitation has since been extended to ‘very good’ schools and primary schools are also included in the mix. It seems to us that the word ‘academy’ will soon replace the word ‘school’ in no time at all, as other category rated schools are likely to be invited to apply to become academies in the future. How that impacts on the quality of the education received by the students will probably depend on the type of academy the school becomes, its leadership and ethos. But surely parents should be part of the consultation process too, as they and their children are the ‘customers’ so to speak?

What are your views and experiences? Are the ‘new-look’ academies the future of education in Britain?

Children still delight in playground games

Two-year research project shows youngsters incorporate computer games and TV shows into breaktime activities.

Traditional games such as tag and the evergreen – and often scatological – Ipi–dipi-dation are still popular but children are also incorporating cultural figures including Beyoncé and Simon Cowell into their play.

After spending more than two years watching children play, researchers from the universities of London, East London and Sheffield concluded that popular media are informing, rather than destroying, playground life.”  ~ read the full article by Sam Jones here.

Our View

What were your favourite playground games? I used to love ‘British Bulldog’ despite the ‘rough & tumble’ that usually ended in a few bruises and was a master of ‘French skipping and Double skipping’ ! A quick canvas of the office has revealed other favourites such as hop scotch, tig, football and marbles. Please share your playground favourites using the ‘comments’ box below ~ we look forward to hearing from you.