Without geography, the world would be a mystery to us

“Geography is the subject that contributes more than any other to young people’s knowledge of the world, writes David Lambert.

The Duke of York might have boasted to an audience of businessmen in Kyrgyzstan that the UK has “the best geography teachers in the world” – but Ofsted isn’t so sure.

In the end, geography isn’t just about reciting a list of capital cities – although that can be an impressive party trick. It is the subject that contributes more than any other to young people’s knowledge of the world, their understanding of the relationships between people and places, and their ability and propensity to think critically and creatively about the ways in which we affect the planet we live on.”

To read The Telegraph article in full, click here

Our View

Geography lessons are not always taught by specialists and this appears to be a key issue, my geography lessons at school were brought to life by an experienced, knowledgeable teacher who had travelled the world. Not all students are so fortunate, so the ‘geography experience’ for the student can be variable.

One way to overcome the issue of non-specialist teaching staff is by introducing a project-based curriculum based on PLTS competencies. The introduction of courses such as the RSA Opening Minds curriculum integrates subjects such as geography and history into mini-projects. It is believed that “a competence based approach enables students not just to acquire subject knowledge but to understand, use and apply it within the context of their wider learning and life. It also offers students a more holistic and coherent way of learning which allows them to make connections and apply knowledge across different subject areas.

Click here to find out more about RSA Opening Minds

What are your experiences? Has your school introduced an ‘Integrated Learning’ curriculum – what has been the impact on students’ learning?


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