Decision to allow iPads in the Lords puts peers ahead of judges

“The House of Lords’ decision to allow iPads and similar devices in the chamber is an acknowledgement that even our oldest institutions cannot ignore mobile internet technologies.

Though aimless web browsing will remain banned, peers will be able to access official documents, and anything else available online that is closely related to the matter under debate. Existing legislation, think tank papers, newspaper reports, parliamentary research and emails from the public would all satisfy the new regime.

Separately, the Supreme Court has announced today that it will allow discreet tweeting from the public gallery.”

To read the article in The Telegraph in full click here

Our View

It’s interesting to see that new technology is accessed by all, however how will the ‘aimless web browsing’ ban be enforced?  – I’d be interested to see especially in light of the fact that sometimes they are unable to keep the ‘Lords’ awake during sessions!!

What is your view? Do you  think tweets from the gallery is a move forward in keeping up with news?


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