Podcasting – is your school in on it?

More than 8m Britons have downloaded podcasts

by John Plunkett

“Rajar research also finds 6.6 million have listened to radio on smartphones, with many downloading dedicated apps.

The research suggested 16.3m have listened to the radio via the internet and 12.7m used a listen-again service such as the BBC’s iPlayer.  The latest research commissioned by radio audience measurement body Rajar reveals that 8.1 million people in the UK – 16% of the adult population – have downloaded a podcast, with nearly half of them (44%) listening to such a service at least once a week.The popularity of smartphones is also changing the way we listen to the radio: 6.6 million adults (13% of the population) have listened on their mobile phone at least once, and 2.2 million downloaded a radio app, a 57% increase in less than six months.  The last survey, in May, put the download figure at 1.4 million.”

Our View:

So how are we harnessing this interest in schools? Assembly podcasts and revision notes for students to download appear to be at the top of the list for those colleagues I have spoken to. But what else? Parental Engagement? Community Engagement? How can podcasting be used to engage parents in their child’s education?

If you have been using podcasting in your schools or have set up a school radio then please comment on this post and share your ideas using the ‘comments box’ below.

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