How to inspire learning at home during the snow..

Scotland combats school closures by offering lessons online By Kirsty Scott

“Optional lessons include children writing stories based on making snowmen…..

Around 250,000 pupils are expected to stay home today in Scotland as many schools face a fifth consecutive day of closures due to the continuing big chill.

But a Scottish education intranet system, now being copied across the world, is allowing teaching staff and pupils to get some work done between the sledging and snowball fights.

The Glow programme, which was the world’s first national intranet for education when it was launched in 2007, has been rolled out to all of Scotland’s 32 local authorities. It is designed to link the country’s schools and provide a forum for pupils, teaching staff and parents in which to share lessons and resources.”

Our View:

It is a fact that nearly every school in the UK has invested time and money in some form of VLE (virtual learning environment) over the last 10 years or so. The truth is that in a majority of schools the importance of the VLE has been sidelined through pressures on staff to deliver results. If nothing else the recent weather situation experienced across the UK has reinforced the need for schools to invest time and energy in harnessing the VLE potential to ensure that student learning is not affected by bad weather in the future.

There have been numerous practical examples based on student learning tasks discussed on Twitter by teachers frustrated by the snow days and their impact on their students. Why not get involved in the work taking place and sign up to follow some of the following lists on Twitter such as @jamesmichie/educationalists-part-1 and @jamesmichie/educationalists-part-2 ?

Read the full article by Kirsty Scott here


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