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Using iPads in the Classroom

I’m definitely a ‘gadget girl’ and have finally succumbed to the magic of the iPad ~ now I have to justify its existence in my life, by using it effectively in the classroom. A colleague asked me yesterday “Yes, it’s lovely but what difference will it actually make to your teaching?”, I admit I was a tad stumped.

Obviously it goes without saying that the ‘calendar’ app means I can plan assignment deadlines, work commitments and not miss any meetings, however my Blackberry was already fulfilling that role perfectly. So I started downloading apps with an ‘educational’ bias which I thought may be useful, then I got sidetracked spending too much time ‘researching’ the Maths Bingo app, so I now need to find out more with your help …..

In my journey so far I have found some great resources already out there and particularly like the iPad app suggestions on the Ideas to Inspire website (the link is also on the wallwisher page), which was put together by tombarrett (@tombarrett) who I follow on Twitter. It’s really great to see educators sharing ideas hence the reason I’ve included the resource on the wallwisher page and would highly recommend the link to anyone who wants exciting ways to enhance their teaching using their iPad.

Please post your top iPad app recommendation on the wallwisher page (click on the link above), hopefully we can share some great apps and enhance all of our teaching.